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Marketing as a Sex Worker is a Critical Part of Success!

No matter what type of sex worker you talk to, cam or clip focused, you’ll find that many will tell you a crucial part of success is marketing. Marketing can actually take more time than producing content and someone who is successful at marketing can find greater success in the adult industry than someone who simply relies on website algorithm to generate sales and traffic. Marketing can be hands on or hands off and can range from queuing on social media to actively interacting with customers on non-paid platforms.

Social Media Marketing in the Adult Industry

Whether you’re selling nudes, selling videos, or offering live cam shows you will find that marketing on social media can be very productive and profitable to your career as well as building your following which creates a larger pool of potential customer conversions. While some sex workers are able to succeed without utilizing social media, posting on social media does broaden your potential traffic and is great for performers that are looking to drive traffic to their live webcam shows and clips. Social media also provides a haven for customers to connect with you and interact with you, which can improve the connection and intimacy between a performer and a regular customer.

Twitter Marketing for Cam Performers and Pornstars

Twitter seems to be the ultimate destination for sex workers because nudity and porn is not inherently banned on the platform. Twitter does shadowban performers that post spammy pornographic posts and is also notorious for search banning performers but they also allow you to actually post nudes and porn which is very important to some performers. While Twitter is seemingly best used for cross promotion between performers, it can also serve as a fantastic platform for staying in touch with fans and keeping followers updated about sales, live webcam shows, new video drops, and more. Twitter is a great platform to funnel customers to and send them off to all of your different pornographic websites because there is no limitation to the type of links you can post and advertise, like there are on mainstream safe-for-work social media platforms. If you do join Twitter to advertise sex work, remember that Twitter prohibits nudity within your profile photo and header and that you need to mark your profile as containing sensitive content if you plan to post nudity/pornography!

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Snapchat Marketing for the Adult Industry

Snapchat was once a huge profitable platform for the adult industry when private Snapchat was all the rage, but with the rise of fanclubs the once universally loved way to connect with fans for daily nudes and videos has fallen off. In addition, Snapchat has increased the strict implementation of their community guidelines by flat out banning many performers for posting links utilizing the swipe up feature. While Snapchat definitely still has it’s benefits for staying connected with customers if you’re able to tease without breaking community guidelines, it is a platform that is a little more difficult to navigate the rules of. Many customers still utilize Snapchat, so offering a free account to follow and post updates to about going live, selling new content, etc. can be a good way to promote your content!

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TikTok for Adult Performers, Webcam Models, and Content Creators

TikTok is a safe-for-work algorithm based platform that is fantastic for connecting creators with new customers if they are able to adequately funnel the customers to link hubs or social media accounts without actively posting their pornographic links or getting flagged for “Adult Nudity / Sexual Content.” The algorithm on TikTok is fantastic for performers looking for organic traffic, and if you are able to actively post on TikTok regularly you will generally amass a great deal of followers. Utilizing TikTok by funneling customers over to Twitter or to a link hub is a great way to utilize the traffic while ensuring you are not banned. The app is very “trendy” and you can create videos utilizing sounds on the platform.

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Reddit Promotion for Adult Models

First let’s talk about the site itself, Reddit is a site that is a massive collection of forums where members can post text, links, photos, and these posts can be commented on. The site is broken down into a bunch of different sections called “subreddits,” you can identify the subreddit you are viewing by checking out the URL. The URL will always be labeled of the subreddit.) Anyone with a Reddit account can create a subreddit. A good use for this in the adult community is to host a subreddit with your content previews and advertisements but you need to be careful how you use Reddit to promote due to the fact that many subreddits don’t allow soliciting or facilitating of transactions. Using Reddit is better for driving people to your social media, where you can then lead them to the point of sale. You also have to be sure to mark your subreddit as NSFW, otherwise you could potentially receive a ban. A large part of the Reddit community is your “Karma” which you receive when you get upvotes on your posts, so on top of creating your own subreddit for thirst trapping and link plugging to your social media sites you should also consider posting in various subreddits to help gain karma. The more karma you have, the more “clout” you have in the Reddit community. It will increase your Reddit reputation and more people are likely to click on your posts and interact with you. You can receive karma on your posts and on your comments, so make sure your interactions on Reddit leave you with upvotes! Before you begin posting in various subreddits, make sure you read the rules for that subreddit and adequately follow them so you are not banned.

Tube Site Marketing / Pornhub Traffic

Marketing on tube sites is another great way to bring attention to your content, especially if you are creating clips. Posting extended previews or freebies over on Pornhub will bring you a great deal of attention as long as you utilize the keywords and tagging system well in addition to watermarking the content that you post so that if it is crossposted to other tube sites the viewers will still be able to find you. Pornhub, xVideos, and xHamster all have huge amounts of traffic (obviously because people love free porn!) and if you are able to hook a viewer with a “cum cliffhanger” by posting a very enticing preview then you are very likely to convert that customer. While there will be some losses and some customers that only follow for free content or maybe don’t even convert at all, many high paying customers that are new to the porn world will start their experience browsing tube sites to find models that they like a lot, and that could be you!

Basic Search Engine Optimization and Keywords

Marketing doesn’t always have to be off-platform, increasing your knowledge about keywords and search engine optimization can help you to boost your preferred paysites in google results and website search results which will result in more customers for you! Keywords are a huge integral part of marketing that is unfortunately often neglected. Being as wordy as possible with video descriptions, tags, categories, and any other text based entry form on adult websites will help you a great deal! You can even create a copy and paste list of physical attributes to throw in at the bottom of your video descriptions to help you show up for all applicable searches on the website and on search engines. Being descriptive is super important! Make sure you also talk in third person, instead of saying “I sucked on the…” say “(Your name) sucked on the…” because when people are searching for content involving you they will be searching your name and it is more likely to come up if your descriptions and titles are written in third person!

Cross Promotion with other Adult Performers

Cross promotion is a great way to connect with new customers. It can be especially beneficial if you cross promote content with performers that look similar to you or provide similar content / services. Typically customers will have a “type” and if you can utilize this to your advantage by networking with performers that are categorically similar to you then you will be more likely to benefit from cross promotion and gain more followers and potential conversions from posting, retweeting, and generally supporting other performers!

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