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Consult with our team of Adult Industry Experts

Our team consists of adult industry experts that are performers just like you! They’ve spent years learning, researching, and honing their skills and want to share their knowledge with you. While our blog is a great place to find free information that covers a variety of different topics, if you’re looking for a more hands on approach to your adult industry education then you can book consultations with our writers!



Katy Churchill – Independent Camming, Phone Sex, and Private Show Expert

Are you looking to grow your independent camming business, get more phone sex calls, improve the visibility of your profiles, or master the Skype directories? Look no further than team member Katy Churchill. She specializes in independent and private based webcam shows as well as fetish videos and fetish services over the phone.

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Aerie Saunders – Marketing, Fanclub, and Brand Promotion / Building Expert

If you’re looking to expand your brand and attract customers on every platform possible then Aerie Saunders is your girl. She specializes in social media marketing, keyword based video marketing, “free” marketing by utilizing previews/tube sites, fanclub growth and customer retention, and brand optimization.

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Alice Skary – JustForFans Expert, Social Media Marketing, Gender Identity and Sex Work

Want to grow your JustForFans page? Or maybe you are struggling with gender identity in the adult industry and looking to navigate those feelings? Either way, Alice Skary is perfect for you. They have ample experience in the adult industry and can help you achieve your social media goals, JustForFans goals, or simply learn to lead a healthier adult career through self care and boundaries.

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