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Adult Webcam Sites Hiring New Performers

Getting started as a webcam model can be a great way to earn additional income from the comfort of your home. All you need to get started is a computer which can be a desktop or laptop, an HD webcam, and to sign up for an account to stream on. If you’re new to the webcam industry, you’ll probably want to try a few different websites and styles of webcam shows until you learn what fits best with your personality and the style of camming you prefer to do! Many of the following websites also offer a “new tag” to performers that are just starting out, so make sure after you complete sign up you utilize that new performer tag to help build your brand!

Network Payout Percentage * Tokens / Privates
BongaCams 80%* Tokens
CAM4 10 / token Tokens 32%-70% Combination
CamSoda 5-7¢ / token Tokens
Chaturbate 5¢ / token Tokens
CherryTV 45%-81% Combination
LiveJasmin 30%-60% Privates
ManyVids 80% Combination
MyFreeCams 5¢ / token Tokens
Streamate 35% Privates
SkyPrivate 75-86% Privates
Stripchat 5¢ / token Privates

The tokens or privates listing indicates what the website specializes in, some token sites do offer private shows as an option but the function is not commonly utilized by customers.

Should I join a Token or Private based website?

Many webcam models will find themselves struggling to decide between token or private based camming sites because both offer advantages that the others lack. Some of the positives of token shows are curating a large audience, more interaction, and more conversion potential because more people are watching. The positives of private shows are no freeloaders watching, less interaction and more intimate interaction, and higher regular customer retention. You’ll only know which style of camming suits you if you give both a try, some performers even offer both by pairing a token based website with offering Skype shows or utilizing more than one cam site and bouncing back and forth between them.

Why is the payout percentage gap so extreme between the camming websites?

Some newer websites offer higher percentages to incentivize models to join them, some websites with whitelabels and affiliates have to pay lower percentages so they can pay their affiliates (but this can also mean they have more traffic) and some websites simply went with the standard industry payout which gravitates from 50%-60% (or about $0.05 a token.) Don’t be put off from a site just because their payout percentage seems low, there are plenty of websites that actually offer huge potential for earning but many models avoid them because of the low payout percentage without taking into account that the percentage is low because the site pays for a lot of traffic.

What are the most popular websites to use?

Going by traffic ranking alone, the most popular sites to webcam on are Chaturbate and Streamate. Both websites offer an expansive network of whitelabels and have high paying affiliate referral programs that allow affiliates to earn high income from the sites, therefore when pornographic promoters are deciding what sites they’d like to promote they often choose one of these. Due to the nature of the websites advertising schemes, it’s hard to track their traffic exactly because it does not take into account all of the whitelabels under their network but Chaturbate is in the top 100 most visited sites globally according to Alexa ranking and Streamate is used as a whitelabel by top tube sites including Pornhub and Redtube.

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