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Get Started in the Adult Industry

Becoming an adult performer can be a great career option for individuals looking for the freedom of working from home, setting their own schedules, and earning passive income!

You Can Make Money on Webcam, Porn Clips, Photos, and More!

If you’re looking to work from home and earn money the amateur adult industry is a fantastic option! If you have a high quality camera (most mobile phones do) you are already on track to start making cash from the comfort of your couch, bed, shower, or wherever you can take sexy photos. You can earn money through many different outlets in the adult industry and you only need a few things to get started.

What You’ll Need:

  • A government issued photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, State ID)
  • High speed internet connection for live camming, high speed internet/data for uploading photos and videos
  • Legal information, all reputable adult websites will ask you for your legal information to ensure you’re of legal age to produce pornography and report your income so you can pay the proper amount of tax

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, you’re ready to get started signing up for websites! Most adult models offer a variety of services in order to earn active and passive income and increase the visibility of their brand, but you can get started in one place and expand as you grow! The most common places that performers start are with camming, creating clips, or offering a fanclub.

How Much Money do Amateur Adult Performers Make?

When you first get started in the adult industry, you can expect to dedicate time to building your brand before you see great monetary results. Unless you already have a pre-established presence online, you will need to dedicate regular hours and consistent schedules to building up your fanbase before you are making the big bucks. Performers that are online consistently and work from home full-time can anticipate anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000 a month, with top earners that spend years building their fanbase making even more!

Can I Make Money if I’m a Man or if I’m Trans?

There is a place for everyone in the adult industry and male and trans performers have the advantage of still being an undersaturated market – meaning there is less “model competition” so it is easier to climb the ranks on websites within the male and trans categories!

Do I Have to Be a Specific “Body Type” to Make Money on Porn?

You do not need to look any specific way to make money in the amateur porn industry! Some of the top categories across cam and clip selling sites are things like BBW, Alternative, All Natural, and more! Customers in the porn industry have specific niches that they love and just because it’s not “conventionally attractive” does not mean it won’t be profitable in porn!

Get Started as a Cam Girl / Cam Boy

If you’re looking to get started camming you’ll first have to find the site that works for you. If you are a brand new model, you’ll probably want to pick a website that offers a good amount of traffic as well as an easy model management experience! If you’ve been in the industry a while and you’re looking to expand to new sites, you’ll probably want a camming website with a good referral program as well as customization and personalization options to really capture your brand.

What adult webcam website is best for me? 

There are 3 “basic types” of camming! Token sites, private sites, and indie camming. Token sites are similar to crowdfunding and allow the performer to put on a public show in “free chat” (sometimes referred to as freemium) where customers tip in towards a goal or game which the model will perform once the goal has been met. Private sites focus more on one-on-one style shows where you’re entertaining one customer or a smaller group of customers that are generally paying for your time on a per-minute basis. Indie camming refers to offering video chats off of a platform, like Skype shows, Snapchat video calls, Discord, Facetime or other forms of video chatting. There are websites set up as a directory that display performers offering indie shows where you can get listed and take payments!

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Sell Homemade / Amateur Porn Clips or Photos

Selling videos you make from home can be a great form of passive income in addition to camming or you can solely offer videos for sale. Performers that offer videos for sale as their main source of income tend to have a consistent upload schedule and find niches that perform well for them! There are a lot of fetishes that you can research and try to keep your creative flow engaged, your uploading consistent, and target new audiences of potential customers!

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Start an Adult Fanclub and Stretch your Content Further

If you’re already making clips and putting on live cam shows then there is no reason you shouldn’t start a fanclub! Customers love fanclubs because they can pay a monthly subscription fee for access to your content once you’ve turned them into a regular customer, it allows them to feel like they’re in touch with you more closely and you can offer an up-sell of “exclusive fanclub content” to incentivize your regulars to join! Fanclubs typically consist of photo and video posts, you can do short clips of your already existing content and send the full video through pay-to-view, offering sexting through pay-to-view, post recordings of your live shows for anyone who misses them, or whatever you want to post!

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